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AR filters

This is a collection of 100 days of AR filters.


Skills: Spark AR, Unity

Time: Starting May. 2020

To do BLM

This is created to target people to act towards the movement to defund the police in 2020. Actions speak louder than words.

George Floyd

Inspired by the incident that 75 policemen guarded in front of Derek Chauvin's place after the murder of Geroge Floyd on May 25, 2020. The brutality and the flawed system terrified me.

Face Changing

This is inspired by the Chinese ancient dramatic art from Sichuan Opera. Constant face changing reveals the emotional states of the performer.

Cry me a River

You can drown in your sorrow in the most beautiful way possible. Blink to cry and open mouth to survive. I incorporated audio in this piece.

Drawing in the World

I experimented with color sampler, audio, particle system to let you draw in your world in a musical way. Talk to have your voice altered. Long press the screen to draw in your physical environment. The color is sampled from your background.


Choose your colors of mood by moving your head. I customized several LUT and manipulated the pixelations with head rotation.


We have many roles in life. I am a citizen, daughter, friend, a student and many more. There are some conflicts between different roles. How should we do when dealing with conflicts among the roles?

Existential Crisis

Questions I constantly ask myself: Who am I? What's the point? Why do we exist?

Barbara Kruger

This filter is made to honor Barbara Kruger. Some of her messages are timely even today. Her original messages are mostly about female reproductive rights but the messages chosen in the filter can be applied to broader groups.

Problem Statement

How can I explore the identity issues through AR filters?

More details coming soon.

AR, 3D Model, 100 days

Extensions of Ourselves - AR Filters

Addressing identity issues in society through 100 days of exploring on Spark AR platform.

Skills: Spark AR, Blender, and Unity

Interactive VR Experience

Toilet Paper Mania - Immersive VR Museum

A virtual experience that invites people to relive, rethink, and reflect their responses/ their change of behaviors towards the toilet paper mania during COVID-19.

Skills: Blender and Unity

UX, UI, Web

Audio Diary - Front-End Web

Talk about your feelings to get through hard times.

Tools: Front-End,Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Github, Heroku, p5.js, p5.speech

Interactive Exhibition, Generative Music

Forest of Sounds - Interactive Music Exhibition

An interactive music installation that reinterprets the daily mundane sounds.

Skills: Kinect, Max/Msp, Max for Live, Ableton, Composing


Dance of the Rain - Light Visualization

A light visualization of historical rain data of cities around the globe.

Skills: Arduino, Wifi, HTTP request, JSON parsing, API

Live Performance, Music, Art

A Day, Any Day, Everyday - Live Performance

An audiovisual performance echoing the feeling of voidness and the draining of energy while living through the COVID-19.

Created under 6 hours for PerformaJam LIVE - CultureHub and Adjacent Jounral.

Product Design, Wearable Tech

Zeal - Product Design

A personal Apple watch band that keeps you warm in the cold.

Skills: Design Research, Market Analysis, Fabrication, Art Direction

UX, UI, Interaction Design, Fullstack Web

Mood for Food - Fullstack Web

A website offers food options based on user emotions.

Tools: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Database, MongoDB, Github, Heroku

UX, UI, Interaction Design, & Product Design

Authentic or Not - Interactive Cooking Game

An interactive game to learn recipes visually.

Skills: Fabrication, Physical Computing, Creative Coding

Experience Design & Interaction Design

Double Date - Video Sculpture

An interactive video sculpture exploring the relationships between humans and phones.

Tools: Arduino, Sprite, Projector, Laser-Cutter, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator

Experience, Interaction Design, & Performance

All Connecting - Video Sculpture

An interactive video sculpture that exposes the systems of the Internet in real-time.

Skills: Projection mapping, MadMapper, Processing, Syphon Recorder, Real-Time Performance